C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products

  The concept of C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products began in the early 1990's when it's founder Jamie  McCarty shot at a deer late one evening just before dusk during archery season in Alabama. After missing the deer Jamie quickly realized he may not be able to find the arrow due to the darkness. He sat in the stand thinking to himself before climbing down "That arrow cost well over $15", he knew about where it was but couldn't see it not even with the use of a flashlight. After finally giving up the search that evening on his walk back to the truck he kept thinking there has to be a way to find these things. While talking to other hunters later he realized he hadn't been the only hunter that this happened to. As time went on this happened several other times. There were also occasions where he would place his climbing stands, ladder stands and loc-on type treestands on property and not be able to find them with ease before daylight. This was also a common issue with other hunters he realized, especially when taking guests who had never been on the properties. The long time idea at this point became a reality due to years of cunfusion and frustration. C-EZ means just that "See Easy" which was designed to assist hunters save both time and money. C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products didn't have intentions of "re-creating the wheel" but only to use common sense and produce an inexpensive product to help fellow outdoorsmen "Find What You're Looking For!"  

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