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The GlareEnd Shroud - by GlarEnd Outdoors

The Patent Pending GlarEnd Shroud by GlarEnd Outdoors is a simple solution to a problem with sun glare and lensed devices such as rifle scopes. Hunters, novelist shooters and expert snipers have been struggling with this issue since the 1800's, and it is our mission to change that.

The GlarEnd Shroud, in its simplest description, is worn and pulled over the shooters head and around the scope, creating a shaded semi- tunnel that greatly reduces sun glare on the scope and the user’s eyes. It is currently offered as an attachment to a hat, though future configurations for easy attachment to the user will eventually be available. The shroud itself is made of a light weight, thin material that can be easily folded and concealed in a pouch/ pocket until its desired use. When extended over the user’s head, the sides of the shroud fall the side of their face and two magnets slap together on the bottom side to lock it in place around the scope, and rifle.  

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