Innovative gear designed for the avid outdoorsman. #DedicatedToThePursuit.

Love and respect for the outdoors spurs our need — not simply the want — to spend as much time as possible where four walls don’t box us in, and it is also the driving force behind Heybo. There is a hunger to be entirely alive in every moment and embrace a life surrounded by friends, family and nature.

We believe our days are too short to do anything halfway, and everything we do flows from this notion. Be present. Chase your passions. Know commitment. Honor your family and your higher calling. Be resilient. Stay the course. Keep it original, and don’t let “bored” live in your vocabulary.

Whether it’s trolling offshore or learning how to roast quail, Monday through Sunday should be filled with firsts and favorite activities. Adventures are worth making time for, and this life is worth living fully.

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