Our mission at K2 Coolers is to elevate the standard against which all other cooler brands are measured – in product design and customer service, by continually engineering products to help solve the problems plaguing consumers and to provide unmatched customer service to our dealers and the end user. We strive daily to meet  the requirements of our slogan, “REAL VALUE. REAL COLD.”

Founded in 2011, K2 Coolers is a company spawned by the need for a cooler with REAL VALUE that keeps your items Real Cold. We set out to design a durable, heavy-duty, yet lightweight cooler that would provide maximum ice retention without breaking your back or your bank account. Being located in South Louisiana we have a great  God-given canvas to test our products in.

“Whether you are fishing, hunting, camping or simply hanging out with your friends we  wanted our cooler to be a must-have piece of equipment.”

We have a cooler for everyone. See them in our online store.

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