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CAA USA is a designer, developer and distributor of modern tactical accessories, optics and handgun conversion kits targeting the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and firearm enthusiasts across the globe.

CAA USA outfits firearms for maximum performance in any environment. Our innovative products improve your accuracy, grip, aim, and enhance balance and performance. When equipping your firearm with our range of accessories, the user’s daily operations will become fluid and consistent.

CAA USA‘s famous conversion kit, MCK/Micro Conversion Kit, has taken the country by storm with models for the Glocks, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, as well as the upcoming Springfield, H&K and CZ. This made for end-user conversion kit allows you to increase your accuracy and is an overall fun range tool. Our stabilizer brace is patented by SB Tactical and is a non-NFA item, meaning no tax stamp and no wait. It ships directly to your home.

CAA USA has also ventured into the world of optics, through its sister company Hartman Optics, developing the MH-1, a 21st century
optical sight with advantages and features found nowhere else.

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