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Join Bill Winke and company for the fourth season of the popular come-along deer hunting show

Bill Winke with a big Iowa buck featured on Chasing November. (Midwest Whitetail photo)

Bill Winke introduced the world to Realtree’s Chasing November four years ago, and it has become one of the most popular all-digital deer hunting shows out there. Chasing November recounts the previous whitetail hunting season, with emphasis on the stories behind the hunts and the lessons learned. In 2019, Winke and the Midwest Whitetail team bring you 24 original episodes.

“We’ve had great success with Chasing November,” Winke said. “People enjoy following the story, and seeing all the ups and downs of an entire whitetail season. We all hunt a lot, so the story becomes a diary of sorts. In fact, in 2018, I hunted 45 days. The series details everything from post-season scouting and shed hunting to land preparation, stand placement and then how we find and pattern the bucks we hunt. Of course, we all make mistakes in this pursuit, and that is where we learn the most. We show them all, so we have plenty of those hard lessons to offer.”

To watch Chasing November, simply download the Realtree 365 app to your smartphone or tablet and sign up for free. Then you can stream a growing list of original Realtree Digital content to your device. Or, watch it all on your television through the Realtree 365 channel on Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV, and Amazon FireTV. You can also watch all this original content on your computer at

At Realtree 365, you’ll also find a variety of great hunting shows including current Monster Bucks videos, Midwest Whitetail, Timber 2 Table, Spring Thunder, Realtree Stories, and more. We are adding content regularly, including new shows about deer hunting, public-land duck hunting and in-depth land management. Everything is fresh, insightful and entertaining.

Chasing November presented by Realtree

You can also consume great written Midwest Whitetail content on in the new Midwest Whitetail nest. Here, you will be able to receive tactical insights from Bill Winke and his team of expert hunters.

“We’re are all about teaching and helping,” Winke said. “I started in the hunting industry as a magazine writer and my focus was on how-to articles, mostly about deer hunting. I have not lost that focus. People will always want to learn, and this new opportunity will give them another great place to do that.”

But most importantly, the Midwest Whitetail team is a mix of men and women just like you. They’re real. And so are their stories.

“I think I am still the same person that grew up with a love for adventure,” Winke said. “Growing up on a small dairy farm with very limited means, the only accessible adventures I could find were in the fields and streams near our house. That is where my love of hunting started. That same thrill of adventure is why I still love to hunt. Every day is something new. Plus, I just love the outdoors. If I wasn’t hunting deer, I would be hunting ducks or pheasants, or pursuing trout with a fly rod. I just love the thrill of the chase and the opportunity to be outdoors.”

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