Nate Hosie

There are a couple of things Montdale, Pennsylvania is known for, one being its dairy farms and the other being Lakeland Football. But here lately, there is one more buzz coming from the small populated town, and that is none other than HeadHunters TV's own Nate Hosie. He has built a name for himself locally and beyond for his skills in the woods as co-host of the popular show on The Outdoor Channel, but also now for the upcoming release of his debut country music album.


Hosie was born and raised in the endless mountains region of Pennsylvania, where by the age of six, his father and grandfather began taking him on pheasant hunts every Saturday throughout the fall. It didn’t take them long to realize they had created a monster. His love for the outdoors became like an obsession. Hosie was there on every hunt no matter what Mother Nature had in mind. Be it rain, snow or a crisp sunny morning, Hosie would be there with his Orvis double barrel cap gun slung over his shoulder busting caps at every pheasant that took to the air.


As years passed his passion and knowledge for hunting only continued to grow. Hosie loved to hunt everything from deer to game birds, but took an overwhelming amount of interest in turkey hunting. He wanted to take his calling and turkey hunting tactics to the next level. He practiced his yelping on a daily basis and went on to win several turkey calling contests. He not only wanted to sound like a turkey, but think like one as well. All this chaos led up to the point of him earning the nickname “The Turkey Slayer” amongst his friends and people in his town.


However, Hosie wanted to not only hunt to fulfill his passion, but make a career out of being in the great outdoors and doing what he loves. Throughout college, he became a sales representative for Top Calls, a legendary call company out of Renovo, PA. Working within the hunting industry soon lead Hosie to get involved with production work and field staffing for Hunters Specialties. During that time period, he met and became good friends with well-known hunter Randy Birdsong. The two would often talk about Birdsong's vision for a new show offering something different, something fresh and something new, and that is when HeadHunters TV was born.


The show not only highlights the exciting kills that happen every time the hosts hit the woods, but the memories made along the way. He is the first to tell you that it's not about the score of a deer or the length of a turkey beard, but rather the people he shares the woods with and the viewers at home that truly matter.


“We are thankful to be sportsmen, and we will always stand up for our right to hunt,” notes Hosie. “For me, it's definitely about the memories I have made and will cherish forever.”


But hunting isn't the only thing occupying Hosie's time these days. He has also finished work on his brand new debut country music album. The project had Hosie spending much time in Nashville (between hunts) to work with some of the town's most prestigious songwriters, producers and engineers.


Like many country artists, Hosie's original music will focus on his passion for life, the outdoors and his patriotism. “I live the life that I sing about in my songs,” says Hosie. “A lot of my songs are fun, party songs, but a lot of them are more serious with things that have happened in my own life or things that I've seen happen in somebody else's life that inspired me. I just want people to be able to not only tap their feet to my music, but to relate to it.”


The yet-to-be-titled album will be available for purchase through iTunes in the coming months, but in the meantime, fans can head over to the digital site to order a copy of his song “Here's to You.” The song became the official branding piece for camouflage company Realtree.


It's no wonder that at the end of the day, whether it's calling turkeys, tracking a deer's pattern or making music straight from his heart, Nate Hosie knows just what a lucky man he is to get to live the life he does.


“Sometimes I just sit back and think about the fact that I get to hunt for a living and I have the opportunity to make music,” shares Hosie. “I've got a great family, a sweet-hearted wife and awesome friends that support me, and for that I am truly blessed and truly thankful.”