Bear Perception Realtree EDGE Camo Bow

Manufactured by Bear Archery


Part of Bear’s Legend Series™, the limited-edition Perception Realtree EDGE Camo Bow weighs only 4.3 pounds and delivers speeds of 350 feet per second. The Perception’s hybrid cam affords a super-smooth draw cycle while maintaining speed and accuracy.

The Perception is offered with peak draw weights of 45 to 60 pounds, and 55 to 70 pounds and an axle-to-axle of 33 inches. The bow has a Roller HingeGuard System to reduce lateral torque and friction. The Perception also offers the ShockWaves limb dampening system to reduce vibration and noise.


  • WEIGHT: 4.3 LBS.
  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 33"
  • LET OFF: 75%
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 45-60 LBS, 55-70 LBS
  • DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 25.5"-30"