Blue-Emu® Named Official Pain-Relief Cream of Realtree

Manufactured by Blue-Emu


Blue-Emu, the No.1 emu oil brand in America, announced a partnership with Realtree designating the company as an Official Partner. This partnership is anchored with Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief touting the title of Official Pain Relief Cream of Realtree. As part of the agreement, Blue-Emu will offer custom Realtree camo packaging available at participating retailers across the nation as well as online.

“We are very excited to partner with Realtree to offer a real, odor-free relief option to outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts who hunt and fish, and have a need to do so undetected by their quarry of choice! We look forward to making this co-branded product option more accessible wherever these enthusiasts shop,” said Jim Richmond, senior vice president of sales for Blue-Emu.

The company will be launching custom-wrapped Realtree camo packaging that will highlight many of the well-known Realtree camo patterns and the iconic Realtree logo. Blue-Emu will also offer multi-count wing panels and power chutes to distribution channels showcasing this very fitting partnership.

“We are truly excited to have Blue-Emu on board. We owe our consumers an odor-free pain-relief option when they are outside enjoying the outdoors,” said Brad Schorr, senior vice president of licensing and retail for Realtree.

The Blue-Emu partnership comes on the heels of earlier agreements this year with NASCAR, Major League Baseball, 13 separate MLB teams, Motor Racing Network and Performance Racing Network.

Benjamin Blessing, executive vice president of marketing for Blue-Emu, said, “The latest addition of Realtree Camo to our brand is just another example of our team’s push into consumer marketing through partnerships. For years Blue-Emu has grown through the loyalty of our customers, we strived to push through the outrageous challenges of this year and in my opinion, that was achieved above and beyond.”

Benefits of Original Blue-Emu Super Strength Cream: 

  • Soothes Tired Muscles and Joints
  • Odor Free
  • Great On Dry, Chapped, Weathered Skin
  • Benefits of emu oil and aloe vera
  • Safe for Daily Use