Cross Cut Layout Blind by Banded

Manufactured by Banded


The Cross Cut Layout Blind by Banded was born from the desire to create the perfect layout blind. Available in Realtree MAX-4 ®, The Cross Cut Layout Blind is highly functional, performs in all conditions, provides optimal concealment and makes the days afield more enjoyable. The Cross Cut is designed to be the toughest and most durable layout blind available. Constructed with a heavy duty square-tubed steel frame, this layout blind is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors and hunter. The Cross Cut’s exterior is fabricated with a heavy-duty 900D cover and 1200D reinforced floor to block out the elements. A padded head and back rest provide  extra comfort. The “cockpit” features an extra wide opening for peak mobility along with a roomy interior. For optimal concealment, the Cross Cut’s design incorporates an attached tapering skirt with concealment straps to virtually eliminate shadows. In addition, the integrated concealment straps, zippered flagging doors, mesh viewing windows and a folding design makes the blind easy to haul and stow. If durability and functionality are a necessity, the “Cross Cut” Layout Blind is a perfect choice.


  • The toughest, most durable layout blind available
  • Heavy duty square tubed steel frame system
  • Unfolded dimensions: 78" long, 36" wide, 14" rear height, 12” front height
  • Folded dimensions: 48” long, 36” wide, 8” height
  • Attached tapering skirt with concealment straps eliminates shadows
  • 28” wide cockpit
  • 900D cover
  • 1200D reinforced floor
  • Padded head and back rest
  • Zippered flag doors for easy flagging
  • Zippered boot bag for easy cleaning
  • Concealment straps for adding natural camouflage
  • Mesh viewing windows
  • Available in Realtree Max-4