Flextone's Supernatural Double Reed Mallard

Manufactured by Flextone


Thanks to a larger port hole, this double reed mallard call is easy to use and versatile enough to make aggressive, long-range calls in high winds, or manipulate softer finesse-calls when they’re circling close. Flextone’s Supernatural Double Reed Mallard delivers impeccable sound regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you. When you put in as many hours on the water as you do—fighting ice, howling wind, sub-zero temps and lousy visibility, you need a call you can depend on, and the Supernatural Double Reed Mallard is that call.

As well-crafted and tonally correct as calls that are twice the price, the Supernatural Double Reed Mallard sports a laser-engraved, brushed aluminum band, and has a soft-touch body that feels great in-hand and delivers extremely realistic sound. Plus, the Realtree AP® Black camo barrel and bell blends in so well, it looks like it’s not even there.

Product benefits

  • Double reed for super-easy, versatile calling
  • Larger port hole for more control of close-range calling
  • Same quality as calls twice the price
  • Soft-touch body for realistic tones
  • Realtree AP Black camo for concealment