Hoo-rag Realtree Camo Face Masks

Manufactured by Hoo-rag


The Hoo-rag Realtree Camo Face Masks provide you with the confidence you need knowing your are concealed throughout the hunt. 

You can wear Hoo-rags as face masks, neck gaiters, headwraps, scarves, beanies, hat liners, helmet liners and more.

Comfortable, yet durable, the Hoo-rag has a UPF30 sun protection rating to protect delicate skin from the sun's harsh rays. The 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber keeps you dry and cool when the temperature or action heats up.

Useful and stylish, Hoo-rags protect you from the elements no matter your outdoor adventure. Wear them fishing, mountain biking, hunting, or while simply spending time on the water.

One size fits most.