Introducing Realtree Fireworks

Manufactured by Spirt of '76 Fireworks


Celebrate big events and holiidays with the boom and vibrant colors of Realtree Fireworks. These hunting- and fishing-themed fireworks reflect a love for the adventurous, outdoor lifestyle with a variety of fireworks options wrapped in Realtree camo designs and patterns. 

Options include artillery shells, multi-shot cakes and fountains -- all designed to represent a specific hunting or fishing pasttime. For example, those enjoying the Greenheads multi-shot cakes will see water stirring with crackling mines as the ducks flush with crackling tails up to green strobe breaks. 

The Monster Bucks multi-shot cake spreads out with beams of silver glittering tails that fork into tines of brocade crown with color glitter and blue stars. Each of the 15 shots ends in a 20-point finale of crackling willow.

The Blaze fountain displays a blazing bonfire of red, green and gold fliers that wraps up with a colorful crackling finale. 

Whistling Wings multi-shot cakes feature whistling tails that lead to multicolor peonies and falling leaves interspersed with birdshot crackle.

These and other Realtree Fireworks options can be found at local firworks dealers. Click for a dealer near you.