Introducing Rugged Cross Blinds in Realtree Xtra

Manufactured by Rugged Cross Blinds


Introducing Rugged Cross Blinds, a game-changing, new generation of hunting blinds that provides hunters with a 360-degree unobstructed view, while concealing them from game. The wall panels, made of high-quality durable mesh material, allow the hunter to see out but nothing to see in, offering the ultimate concealment.

Designed for warmer and colder climates, Rugged Cross Blinds are the only blinds on the market that allow for constant airflow. Thanks to the blinds’ mesh material, hunters can forego the process of airing out or waiting to enter their blinds because of high temperatures, which is a common process for those who hunt from plastic blinds in warmer climates. The 3-inch, insulated foam aluminum paneling protects hunters from the elements so they can hunt in comfort longer.

“When my oldest son, Austin, developed a love for hunting, I decided to find us the perfect blind to create our memories in,“ Chris Seaton, owner of Rugged Cross Blinds, said. “I searched for a blind that would afford us with countless opportunities and possess the quality and durability to last. And, since we lived and hunted in Florida, we needed something that could withstand the heat and humidity or any element of the outdoors. When I couldn’t find that perfect blind, my brother Tim and I decided to design it ourselves, and that’s how Rugged Cross Blinds was born.”

Designed to last a lifetime, Rugged Cross Blinds are hand-crafted using the highest quality material. The blind structure is made with 100% aluminum with a 2-inch insulated aluminum roof. All windows and doors are custom made to prevent loud noise when opening and closing. The economical, lightweight mesh material allows for 37% airflow through the blind, has a tensile strength of 160 x 160 lbs./in., a tear strength of (warp/weft) 34 x 34 lbs./in. and low temperature no crack at -22 degrees F. The blinds are also treated to be fungus- and flame-resistant.