Moultrie S-50i Game Camera in Realtree Original Camo

Manufactured by Moultrie Products


Delivering the proven performance of Moultrie’s Signature Series, the Moultrie S-50i Game Camera in Realtree Original camo provides outstanding 20-megapixel images and 1080p HD video with audio captured with a swift trigger speed of 0.3 seconds.

The 100-foot flash range and almost undetectable iNVISIBLE Infrared Flash technology allow this trail camera to be your scouting eyes at night, snapping excellent shots of bucks as they graze in the dark.

Whether you prefer to view your scouting materials in the field or in the comfort of your home, the S-50i has you covered with a 2-inch full-color display and compatibility with the Moultrie Mobile system, all backed by Moultrie’s 2-year warranty.

■ 20-megapixel image quality
■ 1080p HD video with sound
■48-LED iNVISIBLE Infrared Flash technology to snap images of bucks up to 100 feet away
■ 0.3-second trigger speed
■ 2-inch full-color display built into the camera
■ Compatibility with the Moultrie Mobile system
■ The Realtree Original case pattern helps ensure passing game won’t be alerted to the camera’s presence.