New Deer Calls by Knight & Hale

Manufactured by Knight & Hale


These two new uniquely designed deer calls by Knight & Hale produce realistic sounds that curious bucks simply can't resist..

The Da’Bonehead Rattling System Deer Call replicates the sound of two worked-up bucks fighting over a doe. With its easy-to-use rotating design, this compact rattling system gives you total control of the fighting sequence and sound. This deer call features the look and sound of actual clashing antlers, which draws in curious and eager bucks. The two-piece set is tethered together to prevent accidental loss or a drop from the stand.

This designer Pack Rack™ Rattling System creates a realistic sound, provides total control of the fighting sequence, is super compact and easy to carry.

  • Super compact, easy to carry deer rattle
  • Two-piece design for easy control over sound and sequence
  • Call features the look and sound of actual antlers
  • Easy-to-use rotating design
  • Tethered together to prevent accidental loss or drop

The Da’Bone produces whitetail buck grunt vocalizations with a dynamic range of volume. Resembling a real deer antler, the Da’ Bone deer call allows for precision calling for any situation. The versatile Da’ Bone can be used for close calling or as a loud call to get your buck’s attention. This exhale-style deer grunt call is constructed of soft material that won’t make unwanted dings or clanks against the metal on your stand, bow or rifle.

  • Looks like an antler, sounds like a buck 
  • Exhale-style deer grunt call produces extremely realistic buck vocalizations
  • Delivers soft sounds for close calls and booming calls to get bucks' attention from afar
  • Made from a soft and pliable material - will not clang against hard surfaces