Realtree 33 Piece Angler Fishing Bucket

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The Realtree 33 Piece Angler Fishing Bucket has everything the angler needs. This angler bucket includes the important additions you need to your current tools, like hooks and bobbers, or the tools to fillet your next catch. Use the buckets to store minnows or other bait. An additional storage in a secondary compartment stores worms or other bait separate from minnows. The bucket lid was designed for the angler, with a clip for the aerator, an air hose hole, and tool storage hooks.

The 33-piece angler bucket is perfect for the next fishing trip whether you are a beginner or pro. This assortment consists of a 2.5-gallon round bucket with a live bait lid, 7-inch long-nose pliers, scissors, cutting board, 6-inch fillet knife, fish gripper, aerator with batteries, minnow net, fish stringer, filleting glove, towel, floats, sinkers, and hooks.

  • All you need for your next fishing trip in one bucket
  • Tools from fillet knife and glove to cutting board are great for filleting your next catch
  • Includes fishing tools from compact lip gripper to line scissors to additional hooks and weights
  • Bucket lid includes secondary compartment and tool storage hooks
  • The aerator includes batteries and clips to the bucket lid

Kit includes:

  • 2.5 Gallon round bucket
  • Live bait lid
  • 7" Carbon steel long nose pliers with waterproof lanyard
  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Folding cutting board
  • 6" Fillet Knife with plastic sleeve
  • Fish gripper with waterproof lanyard
  • Aerator (2 D batteries included)
  • 6 FT Rope stringer
  • Fillet glove
  • Fishing towel
  • Minnow net
  • 3 PC Floats
  • 5 PC Removable split-shot sinkers
  • 2 PC Bass casting sinkers
  • 4 PC Aberdeen hooks
  • 4 PC Baitholder hooks