Realtree Beer Mug Glasses, Set of Four

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Realtree’s signature take on a classic beer mug brings a touch of outdoor style to any event or gathering. The four-mug set includes cut glass handles with the impression of antlers. The antler handle also provides extra support for holding the beer glass with the weighted bottom. The four-pack set features an extra-thick base with an attractive cut-glass pattern that adds stability and elegance to every glass.

Each glass beer mug is designed for optimal flavor and oxygen flow to bring forth the full flavors and aromas of your beverages. True beer lovers will taste the difference and enjoy the quality of Realtree’s Beer Stein Mug Glass set.

The brilliant crystal-clear glass showcases the warm colors and bubbling carbonation and foam head for a beautiful display when sharing drinks with guests. 

The set of four Beer Mug Glasses by Realtree.holds 16 ounces of liquid with a total dimension of 5.25” tall x 3” wide opening. Each glass is laser etched with the Realtree logo, one of America’s favorite outdoorsman brands.