Realtree Compound Crossbow Set in Realtree Xtra

Manufactured by NKOK


Realtree Compound Crossbow Set in Realtree Xtra by NKOK is the perfect Christmas gift for your little outdoor enthusiast. Featuring a new and improved design, this Realtree toy compound crossbow features more advanced safety mechanisms and a red LED scope. 

The PVC-tipped suction arrows can be propelled more than 50 feet. It includes three arrows and even a target to practice on. The foot stirrup helps pull the string back. The crossbow also features a safety. 

NKOK has a wide selection of radio-control and friction-powered vehicles, role play toys, such as bows, crossbows and binoculars and water guns – all decorated in Realtree camo. NKOK toys inspire imagination and encourage kids to get outdoors.