Realtree EDGE Wireless Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE Trail Camera

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Thanks to the new advanced cellular Realtree EDGE camo Wireless Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE Trail Camera, you can live stream at the touch of a button, capture images and videos on demand, and take advantage of simultaneous capture and sending to receive your pictures and videos faster than ever.

This remarkable camera also features anti-theft GPS, real-time updates, and easy solar connections.  Since it is compatible with Spartan Camera Management APP, you can transmit photos, videos, and remotely update your settings with the touch of a button. The Spartan GoLive keeps you connected with industry-leading technology while you're monitoring land, cabins, or animals. 

  • Available in the Realtree® EDGE camo pattern. 
  • Two carrier options to choose from:  AT&T Carrier or Verizon Carrier.
  • Take advantage of our 2-year warranty when you register your camera.