Realtree® Performance Dog Food Adventure Pack


The Realtree Performance Dog Food Adventure Pack is the perfect ready-to-eat option for dogs enjoying a day outdoors with their owners.

The Adventure pack features 12 200-gram portions of Realtree 30/25 dog food. The single-serving pouches fit conveniently into hunting or fishing vest pockets and make feeding in the field a simple task.

Realtree® 30/25 Performance Dog Food is everything active dogs need to perform. The specialized formula uses only the highest quality ingredients for superior taste and digestibility, providing your dog with the nutrition and energy it needs for focus and endurance.  

One of the highest-energy, yet lowest carb dog foods on the market, the Realtree 30/25 contains 30% protein and 25% fat. This high-energy formula equals fewer cups per day, meaning you save money in the long run. This food will not only improve your dog’s performance and health, but you’ll see a visible difference in its coat sheen and softness as well. Proper levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a premium protein mix are essential ingredients for dogs that directly impact your animal’s coat.