Realtree Wood Stickers

Manufactured by Dust City Wood Stickers


Realtree Wood Stickers by Dust City Wood Stickers gives outdoorsmen and women a fun and unique way to display their love for the hunt and Realtree. Available on and soon on, the Realtree Wood Stickers can stylishly personalize a variety of objects, such as phones, laptops, water bottles, cars, coffee mugs, bicycles, musical instruments, hat brims, guns, gun cases, ammo cans and basically any solid surface.

Dust City Designs is on a mission to protect the delicate natural environment. How? Traditional vinyl stickers are not only toxic to produce, but also do not biodegrade, leaving tiny PVC plastic flakes on the ground all over the world. They get washed into rivers, lakes and out into the ocean, where they are consumed by aquatic life forms and slowly destroy our aquatic ecosystems. Dust City Designs prides itself on creating a 100% biodegradable sticker to ensure no more plastics end up in the delicate ecosystems, and that is something Realtree can get behind!

Available in a variety of styles, the Realtree Wood Stickers are made from sustainably sourced real wood veneer. You can put them anywhere you would put a traditional vinyl sticker. You can even put the Wood Stickers through the dishwasher. The stickers are built to perform and keep up with the rigors of daily life. The Wood Stickers are extremely flexible and can even be wrapped around a pencil with no issues. Best of all, the Realtree Wood Stickers are made in the USA. In fact, all of the trees are grown and harvested in the USA under the watchful eye of the Forest Stewardship Council. The trees are then harvested, turned into veneer, and then sent to Dust City Designs in Denver, Col., where the process is completed.

Check out these Realtree Wooden Stickers: