Sniper Skin Realtree Edition Sports Grips

Manufactured by Sniper Skin

Available In:

Sniper Skin Realtree Edition Sports Grips make a camo statement on the field or water while enhancing your sport of choice. 

Available in Realtree EDGE camo or Realtree WAV3, the Realtree grips.are available for hockey, lacrosse, baseball, golf or fishing. 

The Realtree grips provide a quick and easy installation that delivers a tacky, durable, slip-resistant grip to improve every customer’s use and comfort. Sniper Skin grips can be installed over an existing grip to protect or extend the life of a product. 

In addition to enhancing performance, Sniper Grips can serve a variety of purposes. They’re great for tournament swag bags, awards or prizes and can be customized with “MVP” or “2020 Champs.” They create a uniform look, can feature the full-color team logo and are an easy end-of-the-year team gift idea.  

Sniper Skin's Realtree grips are lightweight, weatherproof, easy to install and are much better than tape or wraps. The fit, as well as the look, can be customized in a few simple steps.