Strother Archery Introduces New 2013 Bow

Manufactured by Strother Archery


Strother introduces one of its new 2013 bows, the Wrath SHO, available in Realtree AP HD ™ Black.  The Strother Wrath SHO carries a bowhunter’s axle-to-axle at 30 3/16”, making the new SHO maneuverable in all types of hunting situations. With speeds up to 335 fps (IBO), the Wrath SHO not only reaches the target in lightning speed, it also packs a tremendous punch, delivering energy above its nearest competitor. The Wrath SHO is sure to stand out among other 2013 bows. Most would expect to see these performance levels out of a bow with a tight brace height. But, the Wrath SHO's brace height is extremely generous at 7 3/8”, making it comfortable to shoot at all levels.

The Wrath SHO features the new Badger Cam II, which delivers exceptional performance in the area of efficiency, speed and energy. Like the original Badger Cam, it delivers these performance advantages with a smooth draw force curve.

The new POZZI-LOC Cradle Limb System provides a near zero tolerance on the lock of the limb, while the cradle portion of the limb adjustment will maintain the proficiency level of the limb’s performance.

Extend your range with this new 2013 bow. Your trophy wall will be glad you did.


  • IBO: 335 FPS
  • Axle to Axle:  30 3/16”
  • Brace Height:  7 3/8”
  • Draw Weight:  50-80 lbs
  • Draw Length:  27-30”
  • Mass Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • Let Off:  80%