Nicholas "Nick" Mundt

A native of Spearfish, South Dakota, licensed hunting guide in Wyoming for 15 years, Realtree cameraman for 9 years, and a barber by trade, Nick Mundt has lived, breathed,and loved hunting since he was a young boy.  Nick is one of the three hosts of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector that airs exclusively on the Outdoor Channel and his comedic, charmismatic character is true and real.  Nick has had the opportunity to travel and hunt in over 15 states, 3 different continents, and helps to spread the word of the culture of the Hunter at speaking engagements/appearances in many venues.  Nick not only talks the talk, but he makes the shots.  Even with the fast growth of Bone Collector and his popularity to the public, Nick keeps himself grounded with his roots in South Dakota using his free time to relax by the lake, hone his shot, crank out a Karaoke tune or cook up a tasty meal.  What he enjoys most about this public platform is sharing with all that will listen why it is important not to apologize for being a hunter, but to teach that hunting morals and values is what our culture was built on.

TV Show (hosts):  Bone Collector 

TV Show (appearances) Jackie Bushman Show, Monster Bucks TV, The Crush, Addicted to the Outdoors, Realtree Outdoors

Email:  [email protected]