5 Cool Predator and Pig 3-D Archery Targets

Do You Shoot 3-D Archery Targets?

By author of Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff
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1 | 'Coon and 'Chuck

The raccoon is surely a predator, and one species of many that eats wild turkey eggs right out of ground-lying nests.

The groundhog, a.k.a. "whistlepig," isn't really a pig or a hog. In truth, it's technically the largest member of the squirrel family.

(© Steve Hickoff photo)

2 | Coyote

Surely you'll want one of these to practice for when a coyote slinks past your turkey hunting setup or deer stand.

(© Steve Hickoff photo)

3 | Bobcat

I've called in bobcats while turkey yelping to spring gobblers in a number of states around the country and watched them slink past. 

I'm guessing you've seen a few from your treestand too in the fall while deer hunting.

Always check the lawbook where bobcats are concerned, as this species is often regulated by specific hunting seasons, too.

(© Steve Hickoff photo)

4 | Javelina

You won't see javelina everywhere.

A.k.a. the "peccary," and the "skunk pig," you'll find their range here.

(© Steve Hickoff photo)

5 | Wild Boar

I've been on many a turkey hunt down South when a wild pig hunt broke out.

Get all of these 3-D archery targets here.

(© Steve Hickoff photo)