Peeping Tom Mountain Lion Buys The Farm

The lion was spotted by deer hunters on Nov. 12, the opening day of deer hunting season, lying near Helen Komes' house on a ranch east of Sturgis. Komes said she has been living there since 1946 and that was the first mountain lion that she had seen near the house.

The lion was spotted on the north side of the house and the family watched it walk around to the southeast side of the house and look into their window.

"We have no idea how long it had been there," Komes said. "It was evidently settled down for the day."

Komes said that there were people in and out of the yard all day and the lion didn't seem bothered by them at all.

"But despite all the morning activity, the lion didn't seem a bit scared of the people and vehicles going in and out of the yard," she said.

A game warden dispatched to their home was able to approach the mountain lion, according to Mike Kintigh, a regional supervisor for South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department.

"A lion that doesn't want to leave when it is approached, that is a little unusual," Kintigh said. "There was something about the lion's behavior that wasn't normal."

The lion was shot and brought into the lab for examination. Kintigh said they are still studying the animal in order to understand its behavior.

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