Wolf Facts Archers Want To Know!

The ATA occasionally issues briefings on topics affecting the archery and bowhunting industry. Mitch King, ATA director of government relations, recently wrote a series of briefs covering the ongoing wolf debate. Before joining the ATA, King was director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Rocky Mountain region. It was King’s decision to pursue the initial delisting of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies. King’s decision was clear and scientifically based: In Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, the wolf met its population objectives for recovery in 2002. Wolf numbers have steadily increased since.

During the past year, several court decisions dealt with wolves in the Northern Rockies. Some of you live in this region, some of you hunt there, and many of you have business interests that might be affected by wolf populations, particularly when their predation affects deer, elk and moose populations, the passion of many archers.

King and the ATA released the third in his series of wolf briefings Feb. 23.

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