The Hog Hunting Quiz


Pigs are the guiltiest hunting pleasure in the country. Their disastrous effect on native game populations, habitat and agriculture is well-documented. Yet, they have many admirable traits for a big game animal – traits that are turning them into one of the most targeted species in the United States. 

Hogs have an impeccable sense of smell, but they’re near-sighted, which makes them easy to stalk. They’re amazingly intelligent but highly predictable when they’ve found a food source they like. They often travel in large packs and since there are rarely bag limit, season date or equipment restrictions on them, they’re a favorite target of the AR crowd. Wild hogs are ill-tempered enough to make chasing them with hounds plenty interesting. And maybe best of all, they’re delicious to eat. 

Maybe you’ve killed a few boars in your day. But how much do you really know about hunting them? Take our quiz to find out. 

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