Predator Hunting Videos

How to Mount a Riflescope Properly

If your scope isn't mounted properly, your rifle will never shoot as well as it could. Here, Tyler Jordan runs through the steps of proper scope mounting ahead of a Nebraska coyote hunt. ( Check Out: Know the Difference in First Focal Plane and Second Focal Plane Scopes )

Hog Hunting at Night: Thermal Shooting with Jager Pro

We’re slipping across a sprawling Georgia peanut field, four of us, walking single file. Jager Pro’s Chris Monhof is up front, watching the pigs through a thermal vision monocular. His partner Clint Housel is in the rear, ensuring the outdoor writers in the middle don’t step out of line and...

Out West With Kristy Titus: Coyote Hunting The Titus Way

Kristy Titus shares coyote hunting tips from members of her family in this entry of Out West With Kristy Titus. Kristy's family is based in Oregon and run predator and varmint hunts as well as a predator-focused website . They are excellent sources of information on coyote hunting basics.

Florida Hog Hunting

Pig hunting: The perfect way to spend an off-season afternoon, especially if it's in sunny Florida. Will Brantley waits for a shot on a feeding wild boar.

Kyle Wieter shoots a wolf

Kyle Weiter shoots a wolf in Canada