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Realtree's Ready for Deer Season Quiz

Deer season is just around the corner. Are you prepared, or have you been doing a little too much lounging in the shade this summer? Take big buck expert Mike Hanback’s quiz to find out. (Quiz photos by John Hafner)

The Quiz of Deer Hunting Myths

Old Grandpa would’ve never steered you astray when it came to deer hunting, would he? Of course you can tell a buck track from a doe track by the dew claws. And there’s a reason he always carried a pee jug to the stand. The truth is, deer hunting has...

Deer Quiz: How Well Do You Know Whitetails?

Chances are, you don’t know whitetails as well as Charlie Alsheimer. But just in case, we asked the legendary New York deer guru to put together this quiz to find out how much you do know. It was eye-opening to us. We bet it will be to you, too.