Urban Deer Hunting, Suppressors Afield, Tax-Free Ammo and More Hunting News

By author of Realtree Outdoor News

Here's what's happening across the country in the hunting world.

Silence is golden

Last week, the Georgia Senate passed a bill by 43 to 10 that approved the use of suppressors on hunting guns. Senate Bill 93 states, “Any firearm otherwise authorized for use in the hunting or taking of game may be equipped with a suppressor, provided that the user is authorized to possess such suppressor and he or she has registered the suppressor in accordance with the dictates of the National Firearms Act, 68A Stat. 725 (26 U.S.C. Sections 5841-5862).” 

Thirty-two states already have enacted laws that allow suppressors to be used in hunting. The House will consider the bill.

Kansas City to Allow More Urban Bowhunting

What does the Kansas City Airport, Swope Park and Worlds of Fun have in common? If you answered urban deer hunting, you would be correct. More than 20,000 acres of hunting have been added during the past decade because of urban deer problems. The Missouri Highway Patrol reported a deer/vehicle crash every 2.2 hours in 2012. In the state of Kansas, deer caused more than 8,000 crashes last year, with the greatest number being recorded in Johnson County, which borders the western part of Missouri in the Kansas City area. Look for more cities and towns to add urban deer hunting seasons to their calendars in the near future.

California Wildlife Refuge Expands Hunting

Usually, the hunting news out of California is bad, but this is a breath of fresh air from the west. The Sacramento River National Wildlife Refuge will open 492 acres on the Flynn Unit for hunting on March 22, just in time for youth spring turkey hunting season. To see a list of all units open to hunting and the associated regulations, visit this USFWS page.

Mississippi Offers Hunters A Tax-Free Weekend

Mississippi will hold its first Sportsmen’s Weekend on Sept. 5 through 7, where guns, ammo and other hunting supplies may be purchased without sales tax applied. Similar to the break that states give school items, Senate Bill 2425 also applies to gun permits. There is no limit on the amounts of gear or guns, or especially ammo, that can be purchased that weekend. In fact, even pawnshops may participate in the tax-free weekend. The bill awaits the governor’s signature.