Oh, Say Can You See ... a Dead Buck?

By author of The Duck Blog

Pranksters Hang Deer From School Flagpole

A dead deer hangs from the flag pole at Brandon High School in Florida. -- Tampa Bay Tribune imageStudents and staff at a Florida high school recently received a bizarre surprise: A dead 4-point buck hanging from the flagpole.

The Tampa Tribune reported that Hillsborough County, Fla., deputies were called to Brandon High School on Nov. 16 to find the deer hanging from its rear leg on the pole in front of the school.

Authorities weren’t sure if the act was a stunt or something more sinister.

“If there’s no damage, it might not even be a crime,” sheriff’s department spokesman Larry McKinnon said in the article. “If it had disrupted a school event, that’s one thing, but this looks like a school prank. We’re looking into it, though.”

Deputies reviewed video surveillance to see if they could identify the perpetrators, the report said.

State wildlife officers were also involved in the investigation, the article said. The buck apparently died from a gunshot wound and had been dead about six hours when discovered. Deer season is open in Hillsborough County.

“An individual here could be charged with wanton waste of wildlife,” Gary Morse, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, said in the story.

School officials said in the report that the incident attracted plenty of attention, but students quickly moved onto other concerns.

“Some students thought it was disgusting and gross, asking, ‘How could somebody do that?’” school district spokeswoman Tanya Arja said in the article.

“We’re assuming it’s a prank because there’s no other explanation right now. But it’s a really bad prank.”

Social media reaction to the incident varied.

“That’s my school, and it’s extremely horrible,” a girl wrote on Twitter.

“Welcome to Hillsborough,” another tweeted.