Plague Ploy

By author of The Duck Blog

PETA Uses Hunter’s Illness to Attempt Publicity Grab

A young teen that contracted the plague, is now forced to deal with an anti-hunting care package, courtesy of PETA. Leave it to the anti-hunting fanatics at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to exploit a hunter’s misfortune.

According to an article in the Statesman Journal, the group recently sent a vegan care package and a letter filled with anti-hunting rhetoric to a Crook County, Ore., teenager who was diagnosed with bubonic plague after an October hunting trip.

“As you’re striving to overcome this disease, we wonder if you might also consider permanently laying down your weapons and vowing never to attempt to harm and kill another living being again,” said the letter, signed by PETA President Ingrid Newkirk.

Authorities believe the teenage girl contracted the plague from a flea bite during a hunting trip that began Oct. 16 in Morrow County, Ore., the article said. She became ill Oct. 21, was hospitalized Oct. 24 in Bend and continues to recover. She was recently moved from the facility’s intensive care unit.

PETA’s package to the girl included vegan items, which the group said, “we hope you’ll enjoy when you’re able,” according to the report.

The letter also included this gem, which attempts to tie the teen’s illness to PETA’s anti-hunting agenda: “Hunted animals feel pain and suffer in the same ways that you and I do, and their sisters, brothers, mothers and friends grieve their loss, much like your family must have feared losing you.”

The cheap stunt didn’t escape the notice of conservation and hunting groups. Nick Pinizzotto, president and CEO of the Sportsmen’s Alliance, said the ploy was typical.

“Everything PETA does is simply a publicity stunt, and they do these things with no regard for the people involved,” he said. “They have no credibility with mainstream America. Why they think it’s OK to force their fringe and extreme ideals on others remains a mystery.”