Watch: Mama Bear Relaxes in Backyard Pool While Four Cubs Play Nearby

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The bear has been visiting the pool with her cubs for years

Even bears appreciate a dip in the pool on a warm, sunny day. A homeowner in Arcadia, California, recently got an up-close look at a sow and her four cubs when she showed up in his backyard for a swim.

Eric Liang posted footage he took of the bear and her brood on YouTube and commented, “Mama and four cubs treating our house like a vacation rental.”

As the mother took a refreshing swim in the backyard pool, her cubs played on the pool deck nearby. When it was time to go, her smallest cub lingered behind, and mama bear gently nudged it on to join the rest of the family.

According to, the bear has been bringing her cubs to visit the Liangs’ pool year after year.

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