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Brian Lovett, Realtree's news blogger, has been an outdoors reporter, writer, magazine editor and book author for 27 years. Spring turkey hunting and autumn waterfowling take up most of his outside time, but he also enjoys fishing, deer hunting and upland-bird hunting. Lovett lives in Oshkosh, Wis., with his wife, Jenny, and their retriever.


Your Bucks Help More Than Ducks

You know you gotta have one if you’re gonna hunt ducks. A Duck Stamp, right?

Wolf Management Growing Pains

Last January, when the states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin got the word that wolves had been removed from the endangered species list, two states moved quickly to set hunting seasons in place for 2012. Of course, there has been pushback from the antis, but also concern from some Native...

California Hunters and Anglers Can Now Report Online

California requires its hunters and anglers to report in and provide information about certain hunting and fishing activities – even if they do not take any game or fish in the process. Some news organizations outside of California are bemoaning this regulation, fearing that the "extra steps" may dissuade hunters...

New Bill Would Expand Public Hunting Access

Last week, Southwick released a poll that showed 23 percent of respondents claimed their access to hunting had been either restricted or off-limits last year.

Educating the Sportsman

How can you not hear about the impending presidential election these days? It’s everywhere – on the bumper sticker in front of your car in traffic, on a billboard and in yet another piece of junk mail from a political party asking for a donation. And it's on every hour...

Report Shows Changing Trends for Public Land Use

According to ScienceBlog, the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station just published a national study that shows more Americans are getting outdoors, but fewer are hunting and fishing while there. In fact, this report states that hunting and fishing numbers have either flattened or declined during the past decade.

HUSH Says Ban on Sunday Hunting an Infringement of Right

Some hunters in Pennsylvania are not taking the “you cannot hunt on Sunday” law without a fight. On May 7, a non-profit group banded together to form Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH). They vow to take their cause, i.e., their desire to hunt on Sundays, all the way to...

Are Feral Cats an Environmental Threat?

We mentioned the problem that feral cats are causing in regard to the burgeoning coyote population in urban areas here recently – where it is reported that as much as 50 percent of the urban coyotes’ food source is feral cat.

National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day

One of the saddest things I ever saw at a range was a boy, probably about 12, sitting behind a scoped rifle at a bench, struggling to look through the scope. He said, “Dad, all I can see is black.” And his dad said, “Well, I can see through it...

Not Made in the USA

On May 30, Rep. Louise Slaughter and nine other members of congress introduced the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2012 (H.R. 5864). The bill prevents importation of fish, wildlife and wildlife diseases into the United States.

Survey Says: Ovulating Women Better at Spotting Snakes

Who pays for this research? A Japanese research scientist at Kyoto University tested 60 healthy women of child-bearing age during three different phases of their menstrual cycles to see if they would be more attuned to danger than otherwise.

Pay to Play

If you do this, you might be like me. You ' ll start out reading a column about Colorado ' s mule deer population on the decline in certain areas and finish wondering if hunters and anglers should be the only ones supporting budgets of wildlife departments at state levels.