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Brian Lovett, Realtree's news blogger, has been an outdoors reporter, writer, magazine editor and book author for 27 years. Spring turkey hunting and autumn waterfowling take up most of his outside time, but he also enjoys fishing, deer hunting and upland-bird hunting. Lovett lives in Oshkosh, Wis., with his wife, Jenny, and their retriever.


Wolves in the Wall Street Journal

When the federal government delisted wolves last year, it opened the doors for states to manage new hunting seasons and of course, for anti-hunters to protest these hunts. Minnesota will be holding its first wolf-hunting season this coming fall and winter. Wisconsin and Michigan have followed suit and also will...

All Night Long Hog and Coyote Hunting in N.C.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has proposed night hunting of feral hogs and coyotes -- with flashlights, on private lands only – as part of its plan to control two types of wild animals that are showing up in urban neighborhoods. State officials have been expanding rules on trapping...

No Limits on Some Wyoming Cougars?

Last February, more than 100 people attended a meeting in Hulett, Wyoming, to voice their concerns to the state's game and fish department about the rise in the mountain liion population, and particularly, the effect that this increase is having on their safety, and the safety of their pets and...

Should Lost Hikers Pay for Recovery Services?

This one should read “Hiker from Sandwich Drinks a Slim Fast and Gets Lost.” Having fueled himself

A test: Disney’s Chicks in Flicks

I know. The demographics for this column largely swing to southeastern white males who hunt. But bear with me, because I bet a lot of you are fathers to young children, and therefore, we’ll see a lot of you heading to movie theaters with those little ones in tow this...

‘Bear with me’: Numbers don’t lie

Lately, some of the responses to my blogposts about the New York Times’ Op-Ed on the NRA and California’s

Getting 'Addled' About Goose Eggs

New York, like other states blessed with waterfowl traffic, is getting goosed these days and it’s hurting, mainly due to destruction of the ecosystem by these birds. Although hunters take almost 100,000 Canada geese yearly in September, it’s not good enough.

From One Woman Hunter to Another: Do Your Homework on the NRA First

You’ve got to hand it to the New York Times to find a pro-gun control hunter to write an Op-Ed piece for its newspaper. Last week, Lily Raff McCaulou penned a poison piece for The Opinion Pages titled “I Hunt, but the N.R.A. Isn’t for Me.” She gave it her...

California Considers Banning Hunting with Dogs

At last count, 600 hunters who advocate using dogs to hunt bear and bobcat showed up for a hearing in Sacramento, Calif., on April 24 regarding the practice. About 200 antis, mainly from the Humane Society of the United States, also arrived on the scene.

Who Let the Cats Out?

According to our pal, outdoor writer JR Absher, urban coyotes mainly are living off cats .

The Real Elephant in the Room

Poor King Juan Carlos, the 74-year-old monarch of Spain, who recently broke his hip while on an elephant hunt in Botswana. He has angered the public for two reasons: 1) the economy is in deep trouble in Spain and Spaniards want to know who paid for his trip and 2)...

Hooray for the House! Passes Sportmen's Heritage Act

Question: How do you eat an elephant sandwich? Answer: One bite at a time!