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Brian Lovett, Realtree's news blogger, has been an outdoors reporter, writer, magazine editor and book author for 27 years. Spring turkey hunting and autumn waterfowling take up most of his outside time, but he also enjoys fishing, deer hunting and upland-bird hunting. Lovett lives in Oshkosh, Wis., with his wife, Jenny, and their retriever.


When pigs die -- it might be Earth Day in Guam

The U.S. isn't the only nation with a feral hog problem. Guam is overrun with pork. Officials in Guam's government decided that this year's Earth Day celebration will include a feral hog hunting derby .

‘Ribeye in the Sky’ blackens Kentucky’s eye

A scathing editorial in the slams the inaugural season for Sandhill cranes and the writer appears proud that hunters punched only 50 out of 400 tickets.

Silence is … Legal in Georgia?

A bill that would allow hunters to use sound suppressors on their guns currently sits in the Georgia Senate’s Natural Resources Committee. In an article for WALB, the President of Georgia Loan and Gun, Steven Drew, said, “A lot of people consider silencers or suppressors to be something only assassins...

Meet Barbara Baird

When Will Brantley asked if I’d be interested in handling the new Realtree Outdoor News blog, it took about half a second to think about the offer and reply, “Yes, please!” What a grand opportunity we all will have not only to learn more about what’s happening in the outdoor...