North America


Joe and Mac Drake double-up on turkeys

Joe and Mac Drake tag team wild turkeys.

A big Iowa turkey goes down

Chris Nichols hunts a big Iowa tom

Bill Jordan does some turkey hunting

Bill Jordan does some turkey hunting

Travis Faulkner smokes a Jellyhead

Travis Faulkner hunts turkeys.

Brad Harris makes a gobbler cross the fence

Brad Harris chases wild turkeys.

Fred Bear hunts a big muley

Fred Bear chases mule deer.

Stone sheep no match for Fred Bear

Fred Bear chases Stone sheep.

Fred Bear goes for the Wapiti

Fred Bear heads to the mountains for elk

Fred Bear hunts caribou

Fred Bear hunts caribou with his trusty bow

Waddell hunts gobblers in rain

Waddell doesn't let the rain slow him down from taking home a Georgia longbeard

Watch as Bill takes a 24-inch wide whitetail

Bill is back in Texas chasing the buck of a lifetime

Waddell and Rhett Akins rock out!

Enjoy some good strummin' and some weird vocals from Realtree's Waddell.