North America


Tyler Jordan learns how missing feels

There's a bad feeling that comes with missing, and Tyler learns just how that feels while turkey hunting with his father

Harmon Blanton hunts his first Merriam's

With his dad by his side, Harmon Blanton gets his shot at a Merriam's in South Dakota

Video boys get out of office to turkey hunt

Marc Womack and John Tate finally get out of the office to do some turkey hunting, but not even two guns helps these guys

Young Michael Haliscak hunts with Waddell

Waddell gets coached up on his calling by turkey slayer Michael Haliscak

Tyler, Bill and Walter Parrot hunt Alabama

Bill and Walter tag team the calling efforts and Tyler takes home an Alabama longbeard

Tyler Jordan calls in a longbeard in Alabama

Tyler puts his mouth call to use while hunting with his father in Alabama

Waddell in the turkey woods

Waddell shows how friendships are made while wearing camo

Eddie Salter kills two with one

Sometimes things don't go as planned, like taking two birds with one shot.

John Tate hunts gobblers in Kansas

Tate and Waddell let the scatterguns ring in Kansas

Waddell talks a little turkey

Michael and Chuck get a little mad at some Georgia longbeards

David Blanton crawls for a muley

Sneaking up on a mature mule deer is no easy task

Foxworthy takes three shots in Iowa

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has luck on his side while muzzleloading in Iowa