Waltor Parrott calls in a longbeard

Waltor Parrott calls in a longbeard

Waddell hunts El Goblero

Waddell and his 12 guage track down a redhead

Turkey hunting with Harold Knight

Harold Knight hunts turkeys

Ricky Joe Bishop Hunts Turkeys

Ricky Joe Bishop hunts turkeys

Alan Linnenkohl hunts gobblers

Alan Linnenkohl hunts gobblers

Bill brings out the bow

Bill Jordan gets gobblin' fever

Bill hunts birds with a bow


Bill Jordan heads to the turkey woods

Bill Jordan hunts turkeys

Bill hunts with Knight & Hale

Bill Jordan hunts with Knight & Hale

High-impact turkey hunting

Several turkey hunts are edited for your viewing pleasure

A big Iowa turkey goes down

Chris Nichols hunts a big Iowa tom

Joe and Mac Drake double-up on turkeys

Joe and Mac Drake tag team wild turkeys.