2019 SHOT Show: Realtree Timber Hunting Gear for Every Season Deer Hunting Editor Josh Honeycutt waded through the crowd at the 2019 SHOT Show to see what the show had to offer, what people thought about the new Timber pattern, and what gear is available in it for 2019. What you see here is just a very small sample...

SHOT Show 2019: Have You Been to SHOT Show?

For over 30 years, Realtree has attended the SHOT Show. The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show is one of the busiest weeks for the outdoor industry. This year, we launched our newest pattern, Realtree Timber. For more information on Timber, go here . Don't Miss: 2019 SHOT Show: Realtree Timber...

10 Risky Yet Effective Deer Hunting Tips

Some of the best hunts I’ve been a part of were hunts where aggressive tactics were implemented. Here are 10 of those that have proven to be the most effective.

8 of the Best Deer Hunting Rifles for 2019

Good deer guns. Where would we be without them? The good news is we don't have to worry about that anymore. We have plenty of options. These eight guns are some of the best deer-hunting options on the market this year. And they all come in Realtree camo.

Predator Control and Why It Matters for the Future of Deer Hunting

Wildlife populations are constantly in flux. Both predator and prey populations rise and fall. That’s the natural cycle. However, just as whitetail population management is important, so is predator control. Jeff Davis of Whitetails Unlimited has spent the majority of his life in Minnesota where predator control is an ongoing...

10 Bowhunting Tips for Big Game

Big game hunting is hard. Big game hunting with a bow is even tougher. Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for next season. It's a starting point, and up to you to take it from here. 1. What to Glass For Stalking western big game is hunting's greatest...

10 Things You Need to Know About Late-Season Deer Hunting

Deer season is already over for some. It's nearing its end for others. If you're among the latter, here are 10 different tidbits of information that might help you seal the deal in the final days of deer season. 1. Faster (and Cheaper) Sighting In Want a quicker method of...

7 Weird Whitetail Oddities

There are a lot of weird things that occur in the world of whitetails. That goes without saying. But I’m willing to bet that there are some occurrences that many of you may have never heard of before. Here are seven. Ever seen any of these in the wild?

How to Screw Up Your Duck and Goose Decoys

You can goof up waterfowl hunts in many fashions (as I’ve pointed out frequently via painful personal experience). Sometimes, that involves overlooking seemingly tiny decoy considerations. So, if you’re interested in blowing potentially great mornings and giving yourself headaches, use these tips to screw up your decoy spreads next season...

DIY Turkey Hunting: How to Build a Corn Cob Striker

Look back at photos of the early pioneers of turkey hunting. In a great many of them, the hunters are running a slate call with a corn cob striker. Over the years, these strikers gradually gave way to solid hardwood or plastic and wood models. These newer strikers held up...

How to Make a Turkey Hunting Tote from a Deer Antler and Paracord

You’ve been after him since daylight. He flew down the wrong direction, avoided you on the next two sets, and finally committed the fourth time you got in front of him. Trouble is, you are now a mile or more from the truck. And this old bird is big. Really...

Why Turkey Hunting Beard Lengths are Controversial

Beard lengths matter to turkey hunters. You know how we hunters like to measure everything. One of the first things a turkey hunter does – after giving thanks and feeling all is well with the world – is to check the length of a gobbler's beard (or yes, in some...