Chuck Adams on rangefinders

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David Blanton talks ground blinds

David Blanton shares his tips on how to get the most out of a ground blind.

Tips for choosing an outfitter

David Blanton share his tips on choosing an outfitter.

David Blanton talks bows and angles

Learn the perfect shot to take with your bow while he's quartering away.

David Blanton crawls for a muley

Sneaking up on a mature mule deer is no easy task

Foxworthy takes three shots in Iowa

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has luck on his side while muzzleloading in Iowa

David Blanton in Canada

David Blanton goes retro in Canada.

Realtree Rewind: A Major League Whitetail

Hunters: Ned Yost, manager of the Milwaukee Brewers and David Blanton Location: Alberta, Canada with Ron Nemetchek of North River Outfitting Dates: October 28-November 5, 2006 Weapons: Guns and bows Weather: Snow with temps dipping to 10 degrees The reason I enjoy hunting in Alberta so much is because of...

Vital Shot Placement Tips for Bowhunters

Over the years, I've seen or heard of many bow-taken deer that were shot through the liver. Had the arrow been a touch farther back, chances are the deer would never have been found. I've also heard horror tales of deer that were hit too low or too high in...

3 Off-Season Archery Tips

It's easy to become complacent during the off-season. But you can't do that. Here are three tips for staying on top of your game. Don't Get Grounded It's often difficult to think of fall bowhunting early in the year, but regular archery practice can never begin too early since it...

America's Best Redneck Reveals His True Hunting Colors

The following phone interview took place about a couple of weeks ago. At that time, Willy and Billy were on location in Willy's basement. Willy was gratious enough to spare a few precious minutes to let you all in on a little secret. The secret is this: THE INCOMPLETE DEER...

Outfitting The Fridge

Every now and then, pop culture in America gets a permanent fixture. In the case of NFL Legend William “The Refrigerator" Perry, he’s more of an appliance than a fixture, but he seems permanent nonetheless. BORN TO PLAY HARD You really didn’t have to be a Chicago Bears fan to...