Stone sheep no match for Fred Bear

Fred Bear chases Stone sheep.

Fred Bear goes for the Wapiti

Fred Bear heads to the mountains for elk

Fred Bear hunts caribou

Fred Bear hunts caribou with his trusty bow

Watch as Bill takes a 24-inch wide whitetail

Bill is back in Texas chasing the buck of a lifetime

Waddell and Rhett Akins rock out!

Enjoy some good strummin' and some weird vocals from Realtree's Waddell.

The Tradition

It's what hunting is all about.

Extreme waterfowl action

The Young Guns continue to lay the smack down on waterfowl.

David Blanton shares a few shooting tips

Learn the easy way to protect your muzzle from clogging while in the field.

Waddell tells you why you should hunt midday

Big bucks can travel at any time. Listen as Micheal shares his thoughts on hunting at midday.

Young Guns back on the flyway

The Young Guns are back with more waterfowling action.

The Young Guns hit the flyway

The Young Guns hit the water to do what they love—hunt ducks.

Bill Jordan encounters Stickers

Bill Jordan loses sleep after a run-in with Stickers in Wyoming.