Shawn Luchtel

Hometown: Grain Valley, MO Birthday: May 10th, 1986

Shawn has been in the whitetail woods of Missouri since childhood.  He grew up in the town of Grain Valley. His father and him have been hunting together since Shawn was old enough to climb into a tree. If he wasn’t at school you could find Shawn hunting with his father and twin brother at a young age.  He loves pursuing giant whitetails in the Midwest but enjoys the challenge of Western game as well.

Shawn made his debut with Realtree on Monster Bucks about 6 years ago.  He harvested his largest whitetail to date after having multiple encounters with him in prior seasons.  Since then he has appeared on Monster Bucks with other whitetails he has taken in the Midwest.

Shawn co-hosts Heartland Bowhunter but is also heavily involved with the production of the television show.  Telling the story through the lens of a camera is his true passion.  There is no barrier to his creativity when it comes to cinematography; it’s based on how he captures his subject with the lens. Shawn has been with HB since the launch of their first DVD 10 years ago and thrives on innovation/creativity in production for seasons to come.