Shawn Sims

Shawn is a professional dog trainer who lives in Hogansville, Georgia. He grew up in Bullock County, Alabama, where he spent the majority of his time shooting in archery competitions, fishing, deer hunting, playing sports in school, and guiding deer hunters. One day, in his early twenties, a friend of his convinced him to go duck hunting and he immediately fell in love with the sport. The following spring, his wife bought him a lab puppy they named Casey. That started Shawn's dog training journey. A couple years later, he was introduced to hunt tests. His competitive nature kicked in and he became obsessed with finding ways to successfully compete. He began researching advanced training techniques, talking with other trainers, learning about health clearances, and studying titles and pedigrees. As he was training and competing, more and more people were asking him to train their dog. What started as a dog here and there, grew to the point that by 2013, he had so many dogs in training and wait-listed, that he decided to leave the security of his other job, and begin training full-time.


Shawn has been blessed with the opportunity to train hundreds of dogs and develop relationships with some of the best hunters, trainers, and suppliers in the dog training and waterfowl hunting industries. He has had the privilege of training for, hunting with, and being endorsed by Duck Commander. Victor Super Premium Pet Food has featured him in several of their ads and included him as a member of Team Victor.  Most recently, Shawn joined Realtree's Pro Staff and is featured on Realtree's Duck Dog University.


Shawn wants all dogs to reach their maximum potential based on their owner's goals. Whether the owner is looking to have their dog professionally trained, or looking to do their own training, Shawn is here to help. In addition to the information that he has made available through Realtree's Duck Dog University, Shawn also conducts training seminars and retriever demonstrations throughout the Southeast.