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A New Way to Skin a Squirrel

There is something about cleaning squirrels that gets guys like editor Will Brantley all fired up. Particularly when his " How To Skin A Squirrel in 1 Minute " video, that has been the long-standing champion of squirrel-cleaning videos, faces a serious challenger. And that challenger is this one...

How to Skin a Squirrel in 1 Minute

Do you like to squirrel hunt? How fast can you skin a squirrel? In this video, editor Will Brantley will show you a method that allows you to skin a squirrel in less than 1 minute.

Beaver Attacks Kayaker, Pulls Him Out of Boat

An aggressive beaver attacked a man and pulled him out of his kayak and into the Irondequoit Creek in New York last week. Michael Cavanaugh of Lima, N.Y., was taking kayaking lessons when the vicious beaver attacked. Nate Reynolds, BayCreek Paddling Center instructor, told CNN he saw part of the...

Did a Texas Couple Catch a Live Chupacabra?

There’s a lot of fuss being made in the news over a raccoon with the mange this week. A Texas couple that is currently holding the poor, diseased creature in a cage believes they’ve caught an elusive Chupacabra. Even more unbelievable, several major new stations have jumped on the story,...

Man Dances with Wild Raccoon

Believe it or not, the raccoon in this video is not a pet. According to a current CNN report , Mark Brown, the man dancing with the raccoon, claims the animal is wild. He says he's known it since "it was a little bitty fellow" and he occasionally feeds it...

World Champion Squirrel Cook Off Needs Cooks


Man Hunting with Colt McCoy Catches Quail in Midflight

You know what they say, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." I wonder if it's worth a little more if you catch the bird in midair? During a hunt with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colt McCoy, Austin Community Church Pastor Matt Carter made a "sweet...

PUPS Bill's Bite Worse than its Bark?

If the federal Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) legislation is passed, individuals who raise and sell a few litters of hunting dogs per year may soon be under the same scrutiny as high-volume dog breeders.

Woman Who Tried to Arrange Fur-Murder Set Free

During the past few years, it appears that animal rights activists who oppose the wearing of furs are getting more violent and bold. Take, for example, the recent case of Meredith Lowell.

Andrew Ucles Captures Rabbit Using Venomous Snakes

Bear Grylls, step aside. Unless you can capture rabbits using venomous snakes or tackle a deer with your bare hands, it’s time to take a back seat to an Australian guy named Andrew Ucles. You see, Ucles can do both while wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of...

And No Partridge in a Pear Tree

You’ve heard the words at least a hundred times, but really, can you remember all 12 items in the popular, 200-year-old English Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas?” Who’s dancing again, the lords or the maids? Almost everyone, though, remembers the last line, “and a partridge in a pear...

Say Goodbye to New Year's Eve Opossum Drop Celebration

What’s a New Year’s Eve without an Opossum Drop? The folks of Brasstown, N.C., will soon find out as their time-honored tradition has been halted.

Man Shoots Cousin Mistaking Her for Skunk

I know accidents can happen to anyone, and I’m certainly not immune. But, someone please explain to me how a Pennsylvania man could mistake his 8-year-old cousin dressed in a Halloween costume for a skunk, and then proceed to shoot her.

Raccoons Invade New York City

Who you gonna call in New York City when you see another raccoon trying to break into your trashcan? Call 311. It’s a special line set up by the city and when you call it, they’ll tell you to call a private exterminator. In other words, “Not our problem!”

Beaver Attacks Old Lady

I’m not sure I would want to be remembered as "that old lady that got attacked by a rabid beaver." We’ve all done things in the outdoors that looking back on, we might think we’re glad it turned out all right. Like the time I hunted for a television show...

Are Feral Cats an Environmental Threat?

We mentioned the problem that feral cats are causing in regard to the burgeoning coyote population in urban areas here recently – where it is reported that as much as 50 percent of the urban coyotes’ food source is feral cat.

This NASA Is Squirrelly

The headline in my Google Alerts read, “NASA Assists Disabled Hunter.” Really? I had to see. So many experiments and theories have been tested in space. In the 54 years since President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Space Act, NASA has filed more than 6300 patents. So, yes, I was...