Rooster Road Trippin’ With PF

Saint Paul, MN -- October 12, 2010 - It's not pheasant hunting in search of a limit, it's taking pheasant hunting to the limit. That's the idea behind Pheasants Forever's Rooster Road Trip 2010. This November 8th through November 13th, you'll be able to follow along online as a trio of Pheasants Forever hunters embark on an unprecedented pheasant adventure -- to hunt the top 5 pheasant states in one week's time, hunting only public lands.

Pheasants Forever's Bob St.Pierre, Anthony Hauck and Andrew Vavra aim to hunt both Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas in one week's time working for birds strictly on public lands. The threesome will utilize North Dakota's PLOTS program, South Dakota and Kansas' Walk-In areas, Minnesota Wildlife Management Areas and Nebraska's CRP-MAP program for access.

"With Rooster Road Trip 2010, we want to show people the common-man approach to pheasant hunting," says Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever's Vice President of Marketing, "They'll be no plush lodges or private honey holes. We're hitting the road, logging the miles and putting in the work to show that much of pheasant country has public access, quality habitat and birds to boot."

St.Pierre added, "Access and opportunity are always identified as the limiting factors to introducing new folks to our outdoor heritage. There is no doubt those are indeed problems, but our aim is to show folks that some of those limitations are just perception. There are millions of acres out there with tremendous bird populations. You just have to know how the rules work and put a little boot, or paw, leather on the ground."

Pheasant hunting enthusiasts can follow the Rooster Road Trip 2010 online for a real-time account of the group's location, success and stories from life on the road. Online features will include:

* Daily Rooster Road Trip 2010 photos, video, tweets and blog postings
* Tweets from the field, the truck and bird camp - follow Pheasants Forever on Twitter or via the hash tag #roosterRT
* Interaction from the road with Pheasants Forever's 20,000-fan-strong online pheasant hunting community on Facebook
"Nine out of 10 Pheasants Forever members are hunters, and habitat and hunting go hand-in-hand," reported Hauck, Pheasants Forever's Public Relations Specialist, "Merging our hunting passions with our habitat mission in an online format gives our organization a new vehicle to reach a wide audience of folks we've not successfully engaged historically. As an organization, we've embraced the new social networking tools of Facebook, Twitter and blogging. Rooster Road Trip is the next phase of our online evolution."

Joining the trio on Rooster Road Trip 2010 will be St.Pierre's three-year-old German shorthaired pointer, Trammell, and Vavra's new Labrador pup, Beau.