How to Hunt Squirrels in the Spring


Does your state offer spring squirrel seasons? Check your current hunting lawbook, as some do. Learn more about the tradition in this video.

Depending on where you live, seasons might be offered in spring, summer, fall or winter, depending. Some tips follow:

1. As of this writing, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas offer springtime squirrel seasons (even East Texas). As mentioned earlier, always check your state's wildlife regulations.

2. Move slowly along wooded game trails, two hours after daybreak and two hours before dusk, to find active squirrels. Sit as well at the base of trees and watch for squirrel activity.

3. Wear Realtree camouflage to blend in with surroundings, and also some hunter orange if squirrel hunting with others, or required by law.

4. Always eat what small game you kill to extend the hunt and enjoy meals taken by hunting. 

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Editor's note: This updated, evergreen video blog was first published June 16, 2017.