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Extreme Close-Up Alabama Turkey Hunt

Watch as Realtree’s Phillip Culpepper films Perry Ross belly-crawling and fanning a big Alabama gobbler for some close-range turkey hunting action.

Guide to the Best Turkey Decoy Setups

Montana Decoy has pulled together tips to help use your turkey decoys more effectively. As the company says: The guide features five proven turkey decoy setups that correlate with specific times of the season. It details what kind of turkey decoys to use, how to set them up, when and...

Hunting Roebuck in Germany

We’re an hour north of Berlin as guests of Outfox Clothing on a stunning estate that is bursting with animlas. The tradition and ceremonies of Hunting in Germany are something to behold.

Why Turkey Hunting TV Shows Usually Suck

Ask my wife, friends and even enemies: I’m a wild turkey fanatic – afflicted and addicted. Chances are you might be, too. We're probably friends for that reason or should be. Much of my professional and personal life involves scouting, hunting, writing, editing, photographing and talking about spring gobblers and...

How to Kill a Turkey with Your Bare Hands

You don’t plan it this way, of course. Killing a turkey with your bare hands comes after you’ve tried to drop a gobbler in his tracks – and failed. Hunt spring gobblers or fall flocks enough and you’ll do this at least once a season. Using the “well after all...

Grand Slam Gobbler ID Guide

Each of the four Grand Slam turkey subspecies looks, acts and hunts a little differently. Knowing those differences going in will make you more successful. Experiencing them firsthand is what makes a Grand Slam so special. [Editor's note: This interactive post was first published on March 17, 2014.]

How to Roost Turkeys

Learn how to roost turkeys this spring hunting season. Finding where turkeys start and finish their day gives you a hunter’s advantage. Roosting a gobbler — and the other birds it runs with — makes this possible.

The Mexican Drug Dog was Hungry

Anything that can go wrong — will go wrong . Murphy’s Law surely applies to turkey hunting travel, especially on the edge of this brutal late winter as it lurches toward spring. I’d already been burned by a succession of cancelled flights due to winter weather and never made it...

Ocellated Turkey Hunting

“ Pavos ,” my guide Joby whispered inside our blind he’d built with a machete. Two ocellated turkeys moved out of the tall sorghum and into an opening. “ Si ,” said the visiting gringo with the thumping heart. It was my first full glimpse of this amazing bird. One...

All-Day Spring Turkey Hunting: Right or Wrong?

This season for the first time Maine will allow afternoon spring turkey hunting. It’s been a New England and northeastern management tradition to finish at midday. This perspective, possibly unfounded, is based on the belief all-day spring turkey hunting disrupts breeding, moves hens off nests, puts added pressure on birds...

Turkey Calling and Coyote Shooting

Texas. A bright-eyed but toothsome head popped up in range where we thought a turkey might. I’d been calling steadily on a mouth diaphragm. The coyote paused, looking hard at us, as I whispered to the high-school football player guiding me and a buddy on the land: “Shoot him?” “You’d...

How to Hunt Turkeys from a Blind

There's more to killing a tough field gobbler than just staking your blind anywhere. Hub-style blinds are light and compact enough to carry. Set up is easy as take down. Many can accommodate several hunters. Some have shoot-through mesh windows. Many include zippered exterior windows you can adjust inside and...